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Providing education and support while you journey with someone who has dementia. Helping you to understand the brain changes so that you can connect and enjoy the person you care for -

allowing for improved quality of life for all.

About Me

Jill Smith, RN

Compassionate Dementia

Consultant and Trainer

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My personal journey with dementia began when my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  You might say it runs in the family since my dad, aunt, and grandmother all died of Alzheimer's.  At the time of these family journeys, my work in hospice was demanding greater knowledge of dementia as many of our patients were living with the disease. I was hungry to know how to help others and began to receive training. 

  • National Council of Dementia Practitioners

  • Alzheimer's Association Dementia Cares Specialist

  • Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care Independent Trainer 

  • Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care Independent Consultant

  • International Certified Montessori Dementia Professional

  • Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care Advanced Consultant

I am a compassionate and experienced dementia educator who believes I can make a difference in your journey with the one you care for.  As your consultant, I will provide individualized help for specific challenges you are experiencing while providing knowledgeable insights for whatever is not known or understood.  


Blog posts

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Mary, RN

Jill has been a highly valued resource to me in my practice as a hospice case manager.  I have referred a number of my patients living iwth dementia and their families to her for consultation and training.  Her professional work as an RN and dementia specialist has allowed for improved quality of life to those in my care.  Jill has the capacity to identify needs and creatively problem solve with each individual. Her passion to help those who struggle with the effects of dementia can be a benefit to anyone who uses her services.

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Jill began working with me in March 2020 and I can say, without hesitation, that she has made my life better. My dad has Alzheimer's dementia and other medical issues.  Jill has helped in so many ways.​

  • understand what dementia is  and how it physiologically changes the brain.

  • understand mentally and emotionally what is happening to my dad.

  • recognize how I am affected emotionally to my dad's condition.

  • give tips for how to talk to him.

  • reminding me about self-care.

  • helping me identify ways I can show gratitude for dad's caregivers so that they feel appreciated.  

Jill is kind, knowledgeable, patient, supportive and transparent. She doesn't 'sugarcoat' what's happening -- she is real. I am able to share concerns and she re-frames them in a way that I can better understand what is going on with my dad. I have had many "light bulb moments"  that have brought clarity to me and comfort my dad. I take notes every time we have a call. and I go over them again and again -- so I remember what's important.

I can't imagine going through this Alzheimer's journey without Jill supporting me (by extension, my dad). I wish all patients and families had their own Jill.  Yeah, she's that good.

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Common sense, knowledge and compassion are the approaches taken by Jill Smith in dealing with the difficulties faced by those she serves with memory issues.   Providing order and techniques are hallmarks of the services she provides.  I highly recommend Jill to help you through the difficult times created by brain changes to help you find direction in the journey.


Jill Smith Dementia Eased

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